Civil Rights

“Every civil rights case is a human story where someone is hurt or dead because the government failed all of us. I take civil rights cases to obtain justice for my clients. I do so with the persistent objective of demanding that the government strive not to do better, but to do its best to protect all people. When the government fails to listen, change and accept responsibility, I trust that the jury system will deliver justice. My devotion to equality and creating a safe world for all people is why being a civil rights trial lawyer is my life’s work.” 

Louren Oliveros

Louren Oliveros has been standing up for the powerless and fighting against police brutality and governmental abuses for over 20 years. Louren’s life’s work is to advocate for the rights of others. She has fought and won cases against the police for misconduct, civil rights violations, excessive force, battery, assault, wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, malicious prosecution and other civil rights violations.

Every person in this county has a constitutional right to be free from police brutality. Every person in this country has the right of the freedom of expression and to be treated with dignity. Louren and her team fight for those rights. If your rights have been violated, you may be able to take legal action and seek compensation. You don’t have to face your struggle alone. Oliveros Law practices civil rights law and will hold the government accountable.

Dedicated to Serve You

Oliveros Law, PLLC strives to provide excellent service in each and every case. Louren and her team know that every person and their losses are unique. We will give your case the attention it needs and fight for your civil rights in Oregon, New York, and New Mexico. Civil rights cases are complicated and have many deadlines that, if missed, may prevent you from having the right to file a lawsuit. Contact us and learn more about your options.